Reasons to re-key a lock

Have your home or office re-keyed in Little Rock, AR

If you’re wondering whether you should change your locks or have them re-keyed, Mr. Locksmith can help. You should consider re-keying, if you:
  1. Moved into a new house and don’t know who else has a key
  2. Want to prevent someone who has a key from entering
  3. Lost your key and are worried about who may have it
  4. Want to keep the locks you have
  5. Want a single key to work in multiple locks

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    1. Terminated an employee that was a key holder
    2. Bought a business and unsure of who has a key

      Contact Mr. Locksmith at 501-553-2027 to re-key your business today.


Mr. Locksmith offers home and business re-keying. An easier and more cost-effective solution than changing the locks, re-keying keeps your existing locks and provides new keys. Our professional locksmiths can take apart your lock and replace some of the parts and pins in just a few minutes, which results in your existing key or any old key that is out in the world no longer working and you getting new keys. This is a great and cheaper option if your lock is working fine (perfectly good lock- just want a different key). Discover the ease of re-keying your locks by contacting us today.